Website Design Services


Your website is the building block of your brand. Most likely, it is the place where clients get their first and potentially lasting impression of you and your company. If done correctly, your website should be user-friendly, functional plus builds rapport, educate, inform and engage with its visitors. To achieve these objectives, we incorporate the following steps for each Website Design or Redesign project- 

  1. Analytics - For existing websites, we will review website's statistics which include the site's performance, traffic, leads, conversations, users' behaviors, current usages, and pattern. Once completed, we identify opportunities for improvements.
  2. Who is your Demographics? - We gain an understanding of your brand's audience in an effort to create your users' persona.
  3. Audit - We review for quality, accuracy, visual appeal, consistency and structural information architecture.
  4. Refine and Strategize - We monitor to see if we are delivering on the brand's promise.
  5. The Look - We implement consistency across all relevant platforms.

Once completed, your website will reflect several key elements including the following -

  • Logical Structure and Easy Navigation
  • Speed and Consistency
  • Ability to find information quickly
  • Cohesive Message
  • Inbound Links
  • Offsite Content
  • Fresh Content
  • Relevant Information

In the absence of many of the above elements, the results are consequential such as negative ranking and poor users' experiences. If you are interested in hiring an affordable web designer for your next project, please reach out to us.