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Each new client begins with a blank slate void of any preconceived notions. The initial meeting is about 'you' - where the emphasis is placed on learning more about your current challenges, goals, and state of business. As the marketing plan unfolds, we implement a roadmap that serves as a guide to help us achieve your goals. The steps we use are as follows:

  1. SWOT - Compile your brand's Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.
  2. KPI - Identify the Key Performance Indicators that are specific to your company's goals. Is it engagements, reach, leads, conversions, a combination of these or other elements?
  3. Segmentation and Targeting - To avoid wasting time and money, we rely on segmentation and A/B tests to determine what is working or not.
  4. Brand Position and Value Proposition - To elevate your brand, we highlight factors that separate you from your competitors. We emphasize your unique niche, a specific value or distinct advantages to your targeted audience. 
  5. Engagement and Content Strategy - This will be multi-layered and vary according to the platforms used.
  6. Integration of Strategy - To provide consistency and clarity, we use a comprehensive plan.

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