The SEO process that we use combines marketing psychology, traditional and modern marketing supported by technology. Our approach is largely based on a qualitative and quantitative research of a market and its segments. We gather information, plan, hypothesize, experiment and adjust based on the data we uncover.

During the first phase, we identify the problems areas. We will visit your website to review elements such as tags, images, speed and internal links. During the secondary phase, the goal is to develop your brand. We focus on your website's aesthetics, organization, and content. We also identify additional opportunities such as directory listings, localization, creation or updates to social media accounts, and guest posts.

To maintain ongoing success, SEO demands time and knowledge. There is also added challenge given the frequent algorithm SEO changes that occur each year. Should you find that you do not have the interest, knowledge or time, consider hiring a SEO Expert to manage your marketing campaigns. The team at Digital Tech Studio will work with you to create a plan that is both reasonable and affordable.

Please be aware that the average time frame for measurable results is 6-8 months for a new company and 3-6 months for an established website.